Sewage Treatment Systems

BMS are specialist manufacturers of package (all in one) products that are delivered ‘ready to go’ for the treatment of sewage or wastewater serving Population Equivalents (PE) of 20 to 5000 PE.  BMS flagship sewage treatment plant is the Blivet which has an unsurpassed track record in 39 different countries worldwide on all five continents over 20 years including Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Bosnia, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Oman, Iraq, the UAE, Canada, the USA and many countries in Asia including China and Thailand.

The BMS Blivet™ is the world’s most compact ‘all in one’ package sewage treatment plant for either temporary or permanent use. It offers a compelling ‘Whole Life Cost’ in terms of ease of installation/portability, very low maintenance & spare parts requirements, Irish ISO 9001 manufacture, very low energy use and the ability to achieve multiple effluent standards including fully disinfected effluent suitable for reuse/irrigation.  It is ‘plug & play’ technology that is delivered ‘ready to go’, with the largest unit fitting in a standard 45 foot container for ease of shipping.

The BMS Sandfilter offers a package bolt on solution for any system to achieve high quality effluent below BOD & SS of 5 mg/l and also offers a solution to achieve Nitrogen Removal (Denitrification).

The BMS Aerotor™ which is the biological heart of the Blivet is especially suitable where existing equipment is present, e.g. Primary Settlement/Septic Tank, where in-situ construction is envisaged or the performance of existing systems needs improvement.

Blivet - Package Sewage Treatment Plant United Kingdom

The BMS Blivet is the world’s most compact ‘all in one’ sewage treatment plant designed for populations from 20 - 2000 PE. It is delivered ‘ready to go’, offers superior lifetime value, can be installed easily & quickly and can obtain multiple effluent parameters including disinfected effluent suitable for irrigation. It is particularly suitable for export as the largest unit fits in a standard 40 foot container.

Aerotor - Aerobic Sewage Treatment UK

For over 29 years the BMS Aerotor® has proved to be an innovative solution to waste water (sewage) treatment in over 250 locations worldwide. The Aerotor® provides a highly efficient, low maintenance, prefabricated, aerobic treatment for small to medium community waste water applications. It is especially suitable where existing equipment is present, e.g. Primary Settlement/Septic Tank, where in-situ construction is envisaged or extra Ammonia Reduction (Nitrification) is required.

Package Dual Media Sand Filter UK

The BMS Dual Media Sand Filter is a compact Duty/Standby Filter system specifically designed for the tertiary treatment of effluent discharges from sewage treatment plants. The filter housing is constructed in GRP and comes fully assembled.  It is suitable for installation at new or existing wastewater treatment plants.

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