Attenuation / Infiltration

Stormbreaker - Surface Water Attenuation & Infiltration

The Flood Water Management Act 2010 requires site specific solutions to address storm flows and flooding from sealed surfaces. The BMS Stormbreaker is a world leading solution for the attenuation & infiltration of surface water.  It was developed as the result of an extensive R&D program and close collaboration with industry practitioners.

Stormbreaker Defender - Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator System

The BMS Stormbreaker Defender is a low footprint storm water interceptor capable of removing particles, floating debris and floating pollutants such as oil/hydrocarbons and contaminated settling solids from surface or storm water.  The Stormbreaker Defender can be used up or down stream of surface water holding systems and attenuation/holding ponds as a means of pollutant removal.

Stormbrake Vortex Flow Control

The BMS Stormbrake is a vortex flow control device devised for flow rates ranging from 0.8 l/s to 80 l/s It is manufactured from acid resistant stainless steel (Ref 1.4404/316L) is extremely easy to install or retro-fit and is suitable for a variety of applications such as stormwater management and as part of SuDS.

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